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A Peaceful Demonstration by Oromo Youth in Washington D.C

(March 30, 2009) The ever increasing repression of Oromos and other people in Ethiopia has become a big concern for Oromo youth across the globe. The disturbing news that rarely gets reported by international media is a daily occurrence for the Oromo mass in Ethiopia and neighboring countries which compelled us to get up and march in hopes of bringing public awareness to the alarming human rights violations in Ethiopia. Full Report

Somalia: Deadly Garowe explosion injures Oromo woman.

(March 28, 2009) A deadly explosion in the Puntland provincal capital of Garowe city in Somalia injured an Oromo-Ethiopian woman and killed one Somali national. Full Report

International Oromo Youth Association (IOYA) Letter to Cornell University President.

(March 27, 2009) It is known that Cornell University is cooperating with and supporting the Bahir Dar University in Ethiopia. Although this is a commendable partnership in order to expand education opportunities for thousands of students, we feel this continued cooperation must be on the basis of fair and equal opportunity for all students of the University, with no ethnic discrimination. Full Report

Meles Zenawi among World’s Worst Dictators.

(March 23, 2009) A former guerrilla leader, Meles shows no signs of sharing power with anyone. In January, his government passed a law forbidding any NGO that receives more than 10% of its budget from abroad from doing human rights work in Ethiopia. Despite Meles’ excesses, the U.S. considers him an important regional ally and continues to train his military. Full Report

Second mass grave discovered in former TPLF army base in Mogadishu.

(March 22, 2009) Five dead bodies that the Ethiopian soldiers killed months ago have been found in a mass grave in Aslubta compound outside Mogadishu, a former base of Ethiopian troops. Full Report

Top woyane minister’s secret meeting in London interrupted.

(March 20, 2009) The right hand man of Ethiopia’s tyrant, Bereket Simon invited  EPRDF/TPLF supporters and sympathizers at the Woyane occupied London’s Ethiopian Embassy, in the evening of 19th March 2009. Full Report

Zenawi asks IMF to sell gold reserves in order to finance repression in Africa.

(March 20, 2009) Zenawi and Co. have embezzled millions donated by the international community to save the Ethiopian people from starvation and disease. The following information shows in detail the amount of money looted out of Ethiopia’s treasury and deposited in foreign banks. Full Report

The IMF and Ethiopia's dictator cooking up fake statistics.

(March 19, 2009) Meles Zenawi’s economic statistics and the platitude with which he presents it remind me of the statistician who puts your head in the oven and your legs in the ice and conveniently tells you that you are fine on the average. Full Report

TPLF Fascist Army Killed a Farmer in Western Haragee: Three more Abducted, Their Where about Unknown.

(OLF News, March 17, 2009) OLF News correspondent reported from Oromia that the fascist TPLF soldiers in Eastern Oromia who are dispatched to harass the Oromo people by an alleged charge of feeding the Oromo Liberation Army have killed a farmer known as Mohammed Aliyyii in the district of Bookee by shooting him with several bullets. Full Report

Another Oromo-Gumuz Conflict Concocted by the TPLF Regime in Western Oromia: Three Oromos Abducted by Gumuz.

(OLF News, March 16, 2009) OLF News correspondent reported from Western Oromia that the TPLF Woyane regime has completed its preparation of creating conflict among the Oromo and Gumuz people for the second time in Western Oromia and have already sent Gumuz fighters to attack Oromos. Full Report

Somalia: Mass graves uncovered in former Ethiopian base, Ethiopian (Woyane) Regime accused of committing massacres.

(March 15, 2009) The bodies all with Islamic dress is believed to be slaughtered by Meles Zenawi's Mercenary Troops in what would be just another indication of the magnitude of genocide committed by Ethiopia. Now the people’s attention turned to the possibility of more mass graves in the other former Ethiopian bases in Mogadishu and else where. Full Report

Ghion hotel & International Beauties join demand for over due payments from Ethiopian (Woyane) Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

(March 13, 2009) The winners of Ethiopian Millennium Pageant and State owned Ghion hotel have now joined the queue and chorus in the escalating row over past due payments and are also demanding to be paid for the Millennium Pageant held in October 2007 under the direction of State Minister for Culture and Tourism. Full Report

Revolt Against Subjugation of Oromo students Continues in Gedo: One student Shot Dead Several Wounded.

(OLF News, March 9, 2009) OLF News correspondent from Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) reported that the TPLF led Ethiopian government security forces shot several Oromo students of Western Shoa zone. Full Report

Zenawi Is Panicking Over Al Bashir’s Arrest Warrant

(March 9, 2009) Michelle Faul, the AP’s chief of African news says that Meles Zenawi and his entire gang are among those considered possible targets of the court for war crimes and crimes against humanity they are perpetrating in Ethiopia. Full Report

More than 80 Oromo Students Arrested and Under Severe Beating in Bahir Dar University

(OLF News, March 8, 2009) The brutal Woyane regime of Ethiopia once again targeted the Oromo students learning at colleges and universities of the Empire and arrested over 80 Oromo students from Bahir Dar university alone OLF News correspondent reported. Full Report

Meles Zenawi Mercenary Troops Kill, Injure High School Oromo Students

(March 7, 2009) In Oromiya regional administration, west Shawa Zone, government forces killed Wondimu Damana, a 12th grade Gedo High School student. The soldiers also injured Belay Motuma and another female student. Full Report

Mistrust among the TPLF regime's Army members deepening, Say defecting soldiers

(March 7, 2009) Defecting Ethiopian soldiers abandoning the TPLF regime disclosed that distrust among the regime's Army members is deepening from time to time due to the regime's racist policy. Full Report

An Ethiopian (Woyane) officer defects to Eritrea

(March 6, 2009) A defecting Ethiopian soldier who arrived here recently said that the TPLF regime is stepping up its divisive ploy aimed at instigating conflict among various ethnic groups, and thus prolonging its stay in power. Full Report

Corrupt TPLF/EPRDF Ministers accused of pocketing the Millennium Beauty Pageant Fund.

(Picture: State Minister Mohamooda Gass with Beauties still not paid)

(March 5, 2009) A London-based beauty pageant and promotion company has blamed the TPLF/EPRDF regime for breach of trust and obtaining services by deception. In a strong-worded letter it has recently sent to the tyrant Meles Zenawi, the Ethiopian Life Foundation accused the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of failing to settle the cost of staging the Ethiopian International Millennium Pageant, which was held in October 2007. Full Report





Opinions published on News and Views section of this site are those of the authors and not necessarily that of OLF.
Mata duree oduu


Mootummaan wayyaanee afaan qawween ummata bulchuu dhaabuu akka qabu paartileen mormitootaa Oromoo gaafatan.

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/ Bitootessa 30, 2009) Warraaqsi Federaalistii Dimokraatawaa Oromoo fi Kongirensiin Ummata Oromoo ibsa gamtaan gidduu kana baasaniin, mootummaan wayyaanee afaan qawween humnaan ummata ukkaamsee bituu dhaabuu akka qabu gaafatan. Gabaasa Guutu


Korri guddaan kutaa ABO New Zealand milkiin xumuramee jira.

(Bitootessa 30, 2009) Nuti miseensonni ABO Kutaa NZ  Kora guddaa kan bara 2009, Bitootessa 28 fi 29 magaalaa Aucklanditti gageefannee milkii fi injiifannoon xumurannee jirra. Kora kana haasa'aan kan banan DT kutaa NZ yeroo ta'u akkasumas bakka bu'oonni konyaa walduraa duubaan haasa'a godhanii jiru. Gabaasa Guutu

Korporeeshiniin Humna Ibsaa Itoophiyaa, raabsii tajaajila Ibsaa darabee/Faraqaan/ taassisuuf ka jiru ta’uun gabaafame.

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/ Bitootessa 20, 2009) Maddeen itti dhihoo akka gabaasanitti Korporeeshiniin humna Ibsaa Wayyaanee torbanoota lamaan dhufan booda tajaajila Ibsaa Faraqaadhaan raabsuuf murteesseera. Gabaasa Guutu

Hayyuun siyaasaa Ameerikaa ol’aanaan tokko Mootummaan Wayyaanee galmee dhiittaa mirgoota namoomaa ummata Oromoo irratti raawwate bal’aa tahe qabaachuu saaxilan.

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/ Bitootessa 19, 2009) Itoophiyaatti ambaasaaddara Ameerikaa tahuun si’a 2 kan hojjetanii fi wayta ammaa kana Ameerikaa Yunvarsitii Joorj Waashiingtanitti barsiisaa kan tahan Profeesar Deeviid Shiin, wayyaaneen ummata Oromoo irratti galmee dhiittaa mirgootaa bal’aa qabaachuu ibsan. Gabaasa Guutu

Midhaan Gargaarsaan Argame Lukkeewwaniin Wayyaaneen Gurguramaa Jiran!

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/ Bitootessa 18, 2009) Godina Shawaa Lixaa Ona Sayyootti Midhaan Gargaarsaa (Qamadii) ummata beela'eef qaamni addunyaa gumaache lukkeewwan wayyaanee maallaqaan gurgurachaa jiraachuun isaanii dhagahame. Gabaasa Guutu

Godina Baha Wallaggaatti Hojjattoonni Mootummaa  fi Jiraattoonni Magaalaa Walgahii Ergamtootaa Fashalsan, barattoonnis diddaa mul’isan.

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/ Bitootessa 17, 2009) MOA Wallagga irraa akka addeessutti godina Baha Wallaggaa lukkeewwan Wayyaanee torbaan dabre keessa Barsiisota, Hojjattoota Misoomaa akkasumas qaama hawaasaa jiraattoota magaalaa garaa garaa walitti qabuun yaaliin deeggarsa irraa argachuuf godhan jalaa fashaleera. Gabaasa Guutu

Mootummaan Wayyaanee, yeroo lammaffaaf Baha Wallaggaa keessatti Oromoo fi Gumuziin wal lolchiisuuf shira olaanaa shiraa jiraachuun gabaafame.

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/ Bitootessa 16, 2009) MOA Dhiha Oromiyaa irraa akka gabaasanitti ummatoota qoqqoodee bituu fi wal dura dhaabuun mootummaa isaa kan tikfataa jiru sirni gabroomfattuu wayyaanee, Baha Wallaggaa keessatti yeroo lammaffaaf Gumuzootni akka Oromoo irratti duulaniif ijaaree qawwee hidhachiisuun bobbaasaa jira. Gabaasa Guutu

Itoophiyaan guddina teknooloojii odeeffanoo fi wal qunnamtii ykn Information Communication Technology tiin biyyoota addunyaa 154 keessaa 147ffaa irratti akka argamtu beekame.

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/ Bitootessa 15, 2009) Gabaasaaleen akka hubachiisanitti, Itoophiyaan Wayyaanotaa bara 2002 irraa qabee hanga har’aatti guddina teknooloojii odeeffannoo fi wal qunnamtii ykn ICTtiin fooyya’insa homaatuu agarsiisuu hin dandeenye. Gabaasa Guutu

Godina Shawaa Bahaa Ona Aqaaqii keessatti akeekni Wayyaanee OPDOn gaggeefamu sabbontota Oromoo ogeeyyota fayyaa fi qonnaa tahan biratti fashale.

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/ Bitootessa 14, 2009) Odeessi nu dhaqqabe akka ifa godhutti, ogeeyyonni fayyaa fi qonnaa Godina Shawaa Bahaa Ona Aqaaqii keessatti argaman ergamtoonni diinaa miseensa isaanii taasifachuuf yaalii godhan harkatti fashalsan. Gabaasa Guutu

Ummanni Oromoo  roorroon isa hube Fincila diddaa gabrummaa tasiseen  Wallagga, Limmuu Galiiaatti lukkeelee diinaa irratti tarkaafii laaleessaa fudhate!

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/ Bitootessa 13, 2009) Bitootessa 8,bara 2009 Wallaga Horroo Guduruu ona Limmuu Galiilaa Ganda Qonnaan Bulaa saphiira meexxii jedhamu keessatti ummatni Oromoo gaaffii mirgaa fi abbaa biyyummaa kaasaa turan baroota dheeraaf mootummaa Wayyaanee irraa deebiin kennamaa ture,hidhaa,rrebicha ajjeechaa. Gabaasa Guutu

Magaalaan Geedoo loltoota Wayyaaneen marfamtee dhiphataa akka jirtu MOA gabaase.

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/ Bitootessa 12, 2009) Sochii barattoota Oromoo Godina Shawaa Lixaa magaalaa Geedootti dhalateen wal qabatee mootummaan faashistii wayyaanee sodaan liqimfamuun humna waraana isaan magaalattii fi naannoo sana marsee jiruu. Gabaasa Guutu

Dabballootni Wayyaanee Sababa amantii xureessitan jedhuun Baha Wallaggaa Godina Horroo Guduruu keessaa ilmaan Oromoo hidhaa jiran.

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/ Bitootessa 11, 2009) Maddeen oduu keenyaa akka gabaasanitti, sabboontotni Oromoo Baha Wallaggaa Godina Horroo Guduruu keessaa maqaa amantii xureessan jedhuun dabballoota wayyaaneen dharaan yakkamanii hidhaatti darbamaa jiran. Gabaasa Guutu

Itti aanaa gaazexaa Sayifa-nabalbaal waggoota sadiin dura ggurame irratti himannaan dhiyaatuu maddeen gabaasan.

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/ Bitootessa 10, 2009) Mootummaan Wayyaanee gaazexaa Sayifa-nabalbaal, kan waggoota sadihiin dura gabaa Pireesii irraa uggureef itti aanaa qopheessaa kan tahan obbo Asraat Wadaajoo irratti himannaa dhiyeessuu maddeen Finfinnee gabaasan. Gabaasa Guutu

Ummatni Oromoo Godina Harargee Lixaatti  dhaaba jalee Wayyaanee OPDOf maallaqa akka kennu dirqamaa jira.

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/ Bitootessa 9, 2009) Ummata Oromo waan nyaatu dhabee beelaan harca’aa jiru dabballootni Wayyaanee Godina Harargee Lixaa keessa naanna’uun OPDOf maallaqa kennaa jedhanii gidirsaa jiru jechuun maddeen keenya ifa godhan. Gabaasa Guutu

Polisoota Wayyaanee barattoota Oromoo reebuuf ergaman keessaa 7 ofiif dhaanamanii salphinaan dacha’an. Barsiisotii fi hojjettooti Oromoos walgahii ergamtootaa dhiitanii bahan.

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/ Bitootessa 8, 2009) Bitootessa 5 bara 2009 barattooti Oromoo Calliyaa Fincilii aana Caliyaa Magaalaa Geedoo keessatti kaasuun isaanii hubatame. Gabaasa Guutu

Fincilli Diddaa Gabrummaa Itti Fufe! Barataan Oromoo Geedootti gootummaan Wareegame, Kaan Madaayan. 80 ol ammo University Bahir-Darii Ariyaman.

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/ Bitootessa 7,2009) Mootummaan faashistii Wayyaanee Godina Shawaa Dhihaa magaalaa Geedootti barataa Oromoo Wandimmaa Daammanaa jedhamu ajjeesuu fi kanneen biroo madeessuun isaa sirnichi diinummaa fi jibba ummata Oromoof qabu caalaatti hammeessuu isaa mul’isa. Gabaasa Guutu

Fincilli maali? Maaliif barbaachisa?

(Bitootessa 5,2009) Waan hundi ruuda (Universe) keessa jiru taateefi baatee [cause and effect] qaba. Waanni tokko waatokko malee hintaane. Gabaabaatti “Waan tokko irraa waa takko dhufa” Fakkaata yaada (logically) kanarra ejjechuun Fincila dudduuba waanni tokko akka jiru tilmaamuun nama hin dhibu. Gabaasa Guutu

Qondaalonni Wayaanee “Dhaaba OPDO kufaatii irraa dandamachiisaa.’ kan jedhuun, hojjattoota Oromiyaa walgahiin muddaa akka jiran barame, godina Iluu Abbaa Booraa Onoota hunda keessatti wal gahiin gaggeeffamaa jira.

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/Bitootessa 4,2009) Kaabinoonni dhaaba ergamtuu Wayyaanee OPDO yeroo ammaa kana godina Iluu Abbaa Booraa Onoota hunda keessatti hojjattoota seektara hundaa walgahiidhaan muddaa jiran; akka gabaasaan nu gahe ifa godhutti. Gabaasa Guutu

Murtii fi Ejjetnoo Kora Xiqqaa ABO-US.

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/Bitootessa 3,2009) Nuti miseensotni ABO Kutaa USA walgahii Kora Xiqqaa kan bara 2009 Guraandhala 28 fi Bitootessa 1, 2009 magaalaa Washington DC keessatti  geggeeffatnee milkii fi injifatnoon xumuranne. Gabaasa Guutu

Wal Diddaan barattoota Oromoo Yunivarsitii Baahir-daar fi sirna Wayyaanee gidduutti dhalate jabaatee itti fufuun, barattoonni Oromoo 2 barnoota irraa ar’aman.

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/Bitootessa 3,2009) Maddeen keenya akka gabaasanitti ergamtoonni badii sirna Wayyaanee walitti bu’insi barattoota Oromoo fi saboota biroo gidduutti uumuuf yaalan waan jalaa fashaleef barattoota Oromoo lama dharaan yakkanii barnoota irraa arii’an. Gabaasa Guutu



Opinions published on News and Views section of this site are those of the authors and not necessarily that of OLF.

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