November 19, 2005

The uprising of the Oromo people is directed against the repressive regime but not against any people.

It is a well-known fact that the Oromo people have been under the yoke of successive repressive regimes of the Ethiopian empire for more than a century. Despite the inhuman repression they are subjected to, the Oromo people effectively countered the brutalities and survived the real threat of total extinction as a nation. Even if, our people have survived the threat of total extinction their fundamental rights are not yet secured and there are countless repressive measures being taken by the Ethiopian regime to crash Oromo people’s struggle for just cause.

More than ever, the Oromo people are determined to defeat any form of repression and it should be understood by everyone that the principal objective of the Oromo people’s struggle is to eliminate any form of repression and restore our identity and ownership of our country by any means necessary. To this end, our struggle is primarily directed at the tyrant regime of Ethiopia and its existing repressive tactics imposed on our people and all oppressed nations and nationalities. This objective can only be achieved by uprooting the tyrant regime and the system of repression installed by this regime. The current uprising of the Oromo people is conducted with this spirit and it is not intended in any way to make mayhem between any people, nations and nationalities but it is intended to protest against the tyrant regime of Ethiopia. In this regard, it is our sincere belief that all nations and oppressed nationalities must stand in unison and exert their collective efforts to speed up the downfall of the dictatorial regime led by the TPLF clique.

As expected, the TPLF regime unleashed its old well-known strategy of creating tensions among different nations and nationalities in order to prolong its life on power. TPLF cadres and its surrogates are busy fabricating crimes to turn the peoples of the empire against each other. Their devilish intensions of sabotaging the movement of nations and nationalities must be stopped now and should be condemned by all peace-loving peoples, before it is too late to do so. We would like to remind the Ethiopian people that, this is the time for all the peoples of the Ethiopian empire to stand united and fight the regime, and this is not the time to fight against each other as doing so would definitely prolong the life of this tyrant dictator. Therefore, all concerned parties and peace-loving nations and nationalities should direct their struggles against the repressive Ethiopian regime, which appeared to have a plan for orchestrating genocide.

The OLF would like to strongly remind its people and supporters that the ongoing uprising in the entire Oromia is not aimed at any particular people, but against TPLF led government and its surrogates. Anyone who intentionally misrepresents this genuine struggle of the Oromo people and attempt to convert it into inter-ethnic conflict should know that such action is against the cause of the Oromo people and of course is against the spirit of the current battle against the regime. Therefore, we urge our people to be vigilant against TPLF sabotages and dirty tricks aimed at creating tensions between our people and other nations and nationalities.

Finally, we would like to underline that, this regime is the enemy of all peoples of the empire state of Ethiopia and, therefore, we would like to call upon all the oppressed nations and nationalities to coordinate their efforts with the Oromo people to bring peace and stability and resolve the multifaceted problems plagued the empire for so long

Victory to the Oromo people

November 19, 2005


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