Janurary 03, 2006

Resolutions of the OLF Executive Committee.

January 3, 2006

The Executive Committee of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) has conducted its regular meeting from December 19 to 28, 2005. The committee, after thoroughly analysing and deliberating on the overall condition of the organization, the Oromo society, the struggle of the Oromo people, the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF)-led government of Ethiopia, the political condition of the Horn of Africa and the global situation at large, has issued the following statement.

The committee observed that despite continued challenges and unfavourable conditions, the organization’s overall performance has been satisfactory with better coordination, implementation of planned activities and timely analysis of and correctly responding to situations. Tangible achievements in political, diplomatic and military fields have been achieved during this period. Plans to build on the successes and overcome the shortcomings have been laid down in order to further intensify the struggle and bring it to higher stage.

It concluded that the situation of the Oromo people has not shown any improvement. The repressive killing, poverty, disease and insecurity of Oromo people both at home and in neighbouring countries has not shown any sign of decrease. Mass arrest of Oromo demonstrators and shooting and killing of Oromo students, who chant slogans and peacefully present their demands, has been the daily function of the TPLF government. Despite all these repressive and heinous deeds, the Oromo people are continuing to challenge the repression of this government. The Executive Committee expresses its appreciation for the Oromo people’s organized peaceful resistance headed by gallant students of higher and other levels of education and categorically condemns the deeds of TPLF regime. We demand that all Oromo and other political prisoners to be released immediately and unconditionally.

The TPLF-led government of Ethiopia has never demonstrated any change in its policy of handling political problems of the country or in its dealings with political organizations and parties. Peaceful demonstrators have been gunned down in the capital city as well as in other towns and villages of Oromia. The massacre of innocent individuals has been extended to the prison cells as well. While condemning these brutal acts of repression, the OLF sees this as a manifestation of desperation and weakness. Therefore, we call on all forces of change to pool their energy and resources together to bring about a just peace, democracy and stability in Ethiopia.

The OLF has a standing and clear policy on peaceful resolution of political conflicts. Despite failure of the Prime Minister to put his words in action, we still give the peaceful resolution of the Oromo question a priority and continue to call on the Ethiopian government to stop the machinations and come to the negotiation table with the OLF and all the opposition forces.

On the regional level, the Executive Committee has observed that the TPLF-led Ethiopian government has continued its destabilizing activities in Somalia defying the UN imposed embargo of arms and military intervention. It has deliberately aggravated the border conflict with Eritrea by refusing to accept the demarcation as per the UN mandated decision. The ruling of the International Court should be accepted and immediately implemented. A defiant regime that blatantly refuses to accept court decision should not be tolerated.

This regime continues to mislead the international community, despite the generous support of the latter, by pretending and intensively lobbying and feeding wrong information while abusing the resources provided for the well being of the people of Ethiopia as a whole. Fourteen years seems to be enough time to judge a regime by its own performance rather than by comparing it with the previous one. It is time for the international community to use its leverage to force the Ethiopian government to commit itself to a peaceful resolution of all outstanding issues by coming to round table discussion with the OLF and all the opposing forces.

In conclusion the Executive Committee sees that the situation in Ethiopia is daily deteriorating. Peaceful demonstrators are being killed. Elders, students, organization and community leaders are being detained. The peoples in Ethiopia are losing patience. Impatience, desperation, frustration and hopelessness is mounting. We are afraid that this may lead to total break down of security and law. Disaster is looming over Ethiopia due to the irresponsible acts of the TPLF-led Ethiopian government. We therefore warn that all necessary measures be taken to avert the inevitable disaster and anarchy.

Victory to the Oromo People.

The Executive Committee of OLF

January 3, 2006


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