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Statement from the National Youth Movement for Freedom and Democracy (aka Qeerroo Bilisummaa) on the Current Condition of the Oromo People Ethiopian Empire

April 10, 2014

The representatives of the National Youth Movement for Freedom and Democracy (aka Qeerroo Bilisummaa) from different zones of Oromia have come together and convened for two days, April 1 and 2, 2014 and, after a thorough discussion, have deliberated the following resolution on the current condition of the Oromo people, the condition of Revolt Against Subjugation (Fincila Diddaa Gabrummaa) spearheaded by Qeerroo Bilisummaa, and the political condition of the Ethiopian Empire.

-- Read Full Statement

Abusing Legitimate Refugees Is Violation of Human Rights and International Conventions

OLF statement regarding the Oromo refugees in Kenya

April 7, 2014

Citizens flee their own countries for different reasons. Some of the causes are short term incidents while others are long term, requiring radical solutions. Natural calamities like drought, flood, earthquake and the like; and man-made causes like civil war, economic and political crises can force people to flee their own countries. Everyone wants to return to one's own country once the cause for the flight is solved. Of the huge number of the current refugee in the Horn of African countries the Oromo predominates. The majority of them fled their country for none other than a deep-rooted political crisis that cannot be solved overnight. They apparently began this flight, right after the conquest during the last century,to save their lives and human dignity. Thus the Oromos have managed to survive in all the neighbouring countries for a long time. The OLF likes to express its gratitude to the countries that had harboured these refugees for such a long time. However, some developments of the last two decades are worrisome.

--Full Text - English
--Full Text - Afaan Oromoo

Using Bloodshed to perpetuate their Rule- a Standing Policy of Ethiopia's Rulers

OLF Statement on the violent clash going on in southern Oromia

March 31, 2014

Since the violent formation of the Ethiopian empire three generations ago, Oromia and Oromo have been in constant conflict, instability, poverty and ignorance. The violence is applied either directly by the regime or through agents instigating conflict between neighbouring peoples or even tribes. Oromia and Oromo, who happen to be the main base of this empire, have borne the brunt of this violence.

Oromo suffered shocking extermination and mutilation, including severing of males' limbs and females' breasts, for resisting the imperial conquest. They were disfranchised of their land and dehumanized by reducing them to serfs and distrusting them, along with their dispossessed lands, to serve the victor militia forming the "neft'egna" (arms-bearer's) system. Conflict was instigated with all the neighbours projecting Oromo as threats so that they would never think of resisting any more. Thus Oromo has to pay sacrifice in lives and property simply because of the possibility of being a threat in the future.

--Full Text - English
--Full Text - Afaan Oromoo
--Full Text - Amharic

Ethiopia: Arrests and Detentions of Oromo Students in Southern Oromia

HRLHA Urgent Action

March 26, 2014

Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA) would like to express its deep concern over the safety and fates of Shakiso High School Oromo Students who became victims of discriminate mass arrest and detention in Shakiso Town of Guji Zone in southern Oromia. Around two hundred ethnic Oromo Students have been sent to a jail in the nearby Adola Town, and some have received varying degrees of injuries both from bullets that were shot by the security forces during the interference and by beatings.

--Full Document

Migration and Refugee Protection in the Horn of Africa

A Week with Ethiopian Immigrants in the Horn of Africa, Uganda

March 6, 2014

HRLHA is a non-profit, non-political and non-partisan human rights organization with a Special Consultative Status with the UN Economic and Social Council. It works on defending fundamental human rights including freedoms of thought, expression, movement and association. It attempts to challenge abuses of human rights of the people of various nations and nationalities in the Horn of Africa. It also works on raising the awareness of individuals about their own basic human rights and that of others. It encourages the observances as well as due processes of law. It promotes the growth and development of free and vigorous civil societies.

Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA)
994 Pharmacy Avenue Toronto, Ontario, M1R 2G7
Tel: (647) 280 7062
Web Site:

--Full Document

Kenya: Arrest and Disappearance of Ethiopian Oromo Refugees

HRLHA: Urgent Action

February 5, 2014

The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA) expresses its deep concern regarding the safety of four Oromo refugees from Ethiopia who were arbitrarily arrested by Kenyan anti-terrorist squad from Isili area in Nairobi on different dates of operations and taken to unknown destinations.

According to information obtained through HRLHA correspondent in Nairobi, Mr. Tumsa Roba Katiso, (UNHCR attestation File#: NETH033036/1) was arrested by members of Kenyan anti-terrorist squad, who arrived at the scene in two vehicles, on February 1, 2014 at around 10:00 AM from 2nd Street in the Isili locality in Nairobi on his way home from shopping. The other three refugees, Mr. Chala Abdalla, Mr. Namme Abdalla, and the third person whose name is not known yet were picked up from their home which is located in the same Isli area in Nairobi, Kenya on February 3, 2014 by members of the same anti-terrorist squad of Kenyan. The whereabouts of those Ethiopian-Oromo refugees is unknown until the time of compilation of this urgent action.

--Full Document

Dr. Shigut Geleta's Speech on Oromo-Ogaden-Eritrean Conference in Frankfurt

January 17, 2014

Dear Mr. Chairman,

Dear Honorable representatives of People's Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ), Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) and beloved Oromo, ogadenian and Eritrean community as a whole!! It is a great privilege and honor for me to be among you today representing the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). First of all, I would like to my deepest gratitude to the organizing Committee for having organized such a timely and important conference supposed to assess the social, political and economic situation of the Horn of Africa with special emphasis on Ethiopian empire.

-- Full Speech

OLF sends condolence letter to President Zuma on Mandela death

Oromo Liberation Front

December 8, 2013

His Excellency Jacob G Zuma


Republic of South Africa

Dear Mr. President:

It is with feelings of great sorrow that we in the Oromo Liberation Front and the Oromo people at large learned the passing of Mr. Nelson Mandela, the first elected President of South Africa and a true freedom -fighting icon. On behalf of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and the Oromo people, I wish to convey my deepest condolences and sympathies to you and the people of South Africa during this time of national mourning. The passing of Former President Mandela is a tremendous loss not only to South Africa and Africa alone but to the whole world.

--Full Statement

The Legacy of violence: State terrorism of TPLF-led Ethiopian government using Anti-Terror Law on political descents must End

Oromo Liberation Front

December 1, 2013

The research and information unit of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) has conducted a study on the allegiance that accounted for some political prisoners to be sentenced or otherwise been unjustly detained. The herewith attached partial list of political prisoners has been collected from prisons of Kaliti, Torhailoch (Military Police Prison), Maikelawi and Kilinto. Almost all prisoners are charged for act of terror, violation of territorial integrity, attempts to overthrow the constitutional order by violent means and being suspected member of OLF or any other organizations. These political prisoners are ranging in age from young High school and University students to elderly civic society leaders. Professionally they are also diverse from farmer, business man, government employee; political leaders, journalists and etc. The overwhelming portions are Oromos and some are also from different nation and nationalities of Ethiopia.

--Full Statement--English
--List of Political Prisoners

The Oromos and other nation and nationalities of Ethiopia in Germany, Protest Killing of migrants in Saudi Arabia

UOSG Report

November 23, 2013

A Protest demonstration organized by the Union of Oromo Students in Germany (UOSG) in collaboration with the Oromo Community in Hessen and the Oromo Community in Munich and strongly condemns the mass killing, inhumanly killing, torturing, murdering, massacring, brutal treatment and being raping by Saudi citizens and security forces publicly more than ever. The protest took place on 21 November 2013 in front of the Saudi Arabia consulate in Frankfurt am Main, Germany with more than 60 peoples. The very active and emotional participation of the numerous members of the Union of Oromo Students and the Oromo nationals from all parts of Germany, gave a special glamour to it with slogans of Stop killing innocents migrants, Saudi Shame on you!!! Saudi you will pay the price!!!!!You are killer! Saudi Arabia you are terriorist, you are murderer, Free our brothers and sisters, you are rapper.raper.raper, Stop killing and Rape our sister and Brothers!!Enough is enough!!The blood of Oromo youths and Nation of Ethiopians cries out for justice':

Full Statement--English

A one Year Summary of Arrests, Killings, and Disappearances of Oromo Nationals by The Ethiopian Government: November 2012 to November 2013

Qeerroo's Annual Report

November 18, 2013

The current Ethiopian government has continued widespread mass arrests, unlawful killings, and disappearances of innocent civilians its citizens over the last 21 or so years. Among the communities highly affected by such repression and oppression of the regime, the Oromo people is probably rated as number 1. Oromos have been unable to live in their country in peace since they fell under the rule of the current minority Ethiopian regime. This report partially captures the list of Oromos who have been unlawfully arrested, killed, or disappeared over a period of one year from November 2012 to November 2013, compiled by the National Youth Movement for Freedom and Democracy (NYMFD) aka Qeerroo. The report is by no means a comprehensive account of the actual number of people arrested, killed, and disappeared. It is rather a tiny fraction of what actually happened in Oromia and in the country at large. As it is very difficult to move in the country and compile reports because the government denies access to information, this report is only the widely known cases that were taken from Qeerroo website as it was reported over a period of one year.

Full Statement--English
Full Statement--Amharic

Saudi Arabia: Extreme Brutality against migrants From Ethiopia

HRLHA Appeal and Urgent Action

November 13, 2013

Honorable ABDULLAH bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, King of Saudi Arabia;
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques
Riyadh, Royal Court: 1-488-2222, Jeddah: 2-665-4233
Taif: 2-736-5200, Makkah: 2-823-4111, Madinah: 4-857-2500

His Majesty King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz,

Upon the expiration of the three months extended deadline for migrant workers to renew their residency and employment status ( November 4, 2013), thousands of migrant workers in Saudi Arabia most of whom believed to be from Ethiopia were apprehended in various regions of the Kingdom by Ministry of Labor inspection squads formed for this purpose under the pretext of flushing out workers who violate rules regarding work and residency permits

--Full Document

Libya: Thousands of Refugees in Life-Threatening

HRLHA Urgent Action

September 24, 2013

For Immediate Release

The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA) has learnt through its correspondents that hundreds of thousands of refugees in Libya, most of whom were from the Horn of African countries such as Ethiopian and Eritrea, are in a very dangerous situation after they were evicted from their original refugee camps in Benghazi, Libya where they stayed for the past three years. The eviction took place following the infiltration and assault of the refugees by who were described as workers of the Libyan Red Crescent on the 13th of September, 2013. The assault included beating and stabbings by knives. Those who broke out of the shelters to run away from the assaults were met with Libyan armed forces that were stationed around the camps prior to the starting of the assault. Then, the refugees were forced out of the camp on allegations that they attempted to instigate disturbances in the city, and taken to remote area known as Alshatti.

--Full Document

Statement of peaceful demonstration of the Oromo Community in the United Kingdom

September 14, 2013

Today, 13 September 2013, members of the Oromo Community in the UK, protested against human rights violations and brutal killing exercised by the criminal Ethiopian Government.

Full Statement

Engineer Tesfahun Chemeda, the Latest Victim of TPLF Pogrom Extermination Campaign against the Oromo People

August 25, 2013

Short Biography

Engineer Tesfahun was born in 1976 from his father Mr. Chemda Gurmessa and his mother Mrs. Giddinesh Benya at Harbu village, Guduru district eastern Wallaga, western Oromia. He was lucky enough to get the slim chance of going to school for his likes under the occupation. He completed his school starting at Looyaa, then Fincha'aa and at Shambo in 1996. His remarkably high score enabled him to join the university in Finfinne (Addis Abeba) where he graduated with BSc in Civil Engineering in 2001. Subsequently:

Full Statement--English
Full Statement--Afaan Oromo
Full Statement--Amharic

Ethiopia: The Justice System Becoming a Political Tool in Ethiopia

HRLHA - Calls for Reversal of Racially and Politically Motivated Sentences
August 15, 2013

Press Release

The Federal High Court of Ethiopia sentenced 21 Oromo Nationals (most of whom are university students) to as much as 2-8 years in prison on 7th August, 2013. The report HRLHA received indicates that all of them have spent about three years pending trials on alleged charges of collaborating with the opposition organization of Oromo Liberation Front with the intention of committing terrorist crimes. According to information obtained by HRLHA through its correspondents, most of the defendants were very young Oromo students picked up at different times from different universities and colleges in the regional state of Oromia and other parts of the country

--Full Document

Gambella Nilotes United Movement/Army

August 10th, 2013 (Gambella)
GNUM/A Press Release

"Unity for Peace and Freedom for the People of Gambella"

Second Year Anniversary of GNUM/A

August 10th 2013 is the Second Historical Anniversary day of GNUM/A, wishing peace and freedom for all people of Gambella and the Nilotic Omotic people of the Southwest Ethiopia. This is a special day in the history of the Gambella People for their commitment they showed to come together as one force to fight for their freedom, security, and development through sacrifice, to end the oppression from Ethiopian regimes. This day will be remembered by all unity-loving-people of Gambella, and the people who participated directly or indirectly in all process of building the unity including their exercise of the democratic rights to vote for their leaders for self-determination.

Full Statement

Ethiopia: Extreme Brutality against Civilians

HRLHA Appeal and Urgent Action

August 10, 2013

For Immediate Release

The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA) strongly condemns the heavy-handedness of the Ethiopian government that is causing the deaths of innocent civilians attempting to exercise some of their fundamental rights that are provided for in the country's constitution and in international human rights instruments. According to reports obtained by the HRLHA through its correspondents, twenty- seven innocent civilians including five children (four in Kofole and one in the capital city, Addis Ababa) have been killed, hundreds have been injured and hospitalized, and thousands of others have been taken into custody in two separate incidents in the first week of August this year. In a clash between armed security forces and Muslim protestors that happened on the 3rd of August, 2013 in the Kofele region of Arsi Zone in Central Oromia, twenty- five were massacred and hundreds were injured and taken to Asela and Shashamane Hospitals.

--Full Document







Opinions published on News and Views section of this site are those of the authors and not necessarily that of OLF.
Mata Duree Oduu

WBO tarkaanfii haleellaa fudhate

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/ Ebla 20, 2014)

WBOn Poolisoota roorristoota irratti tarkaanfiin fudhatame.

Poolisoota federaalaa kanneen kabajaa ayyaana siidaa Aannoolee irratti ummatni akka fedhe isaatti akka hin kabajneef gufuu tahaa turan keessaa poolisoota 2, Gizachew Amaarew fi Shiferraw Yigazu jedhaman irratti Ebla 16/2014 tarkaanfiin maayyii irratti fudhatame. Poolisootni tarkaanfiin magaalaa Asallaa keessatti irratti fudhatame kunneen barattoota yunivarsity Adaamaa Damee Asallaa tahanii fi ummata miillaan KM 60 deemuun ayyaana Aannoolee kabajuuf sosso'aa ture irratti hidhuu fi reebuu keessatti qooda fudhatuu irraa ti. Tarkaanfii fudhatame kanaanis ummatni gammachuu itti dhaga'ame ifatti beeksisuun jala deemtotnii fi deggertootni Wayyaanee farrummaa isaanii hanga hin dhaabnetti tarkaanfiin fakkaataa kan itti fufu tahuu hubachiiseera.

Godina Wallagga bahaatti gootichi humna addaa WBO tarkaanfii haleellaa fudhate.

  1. Gootichi humni addaa WBO qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo galiin gahuuf murannoo fi of kenniinsaan qabsaawaa jiru Ebla 11, 2014 tarkaanfii haleellaa magaalaa Naqamtee irraa fageenya KM 15, Ona Guutoo Giddaa keessatti poolisoota Federaalaa uffata loltuu jijjirrachuun basasa wayyaanee waliin ta'uun sakkata'insa humna addaa WBO fi sabboontota Oromoo irratti bobba'an haleelee 3 ajjeesee 2 madeessuu ibsi ajaja WBO irraa bahe hubachiise. Kanneen ajjeefamanis: 1. Tamasgeen Nugusuu, 2. Fiqaaduu Salamoon, 3. Abaatee Xilaahun kan jedhaman tahuu kan addeesse ibsi kun itti fufuun, Tasfaayee Kaasahuun fi Ayyalee kan jedhaman ammo kanneen madaa'an tahu beeksisee jira.
  2. Dargaggoonni Oromoo Godina Wallagga Bahaa Onoota gara garaa keessa jiran dhaadannoo Biyya Abbaa keenyaaf Waardiyyaan nuhi! Jedhu jalatti hiriiruun Fincillii Diddaa Garbummaa finiinsaa jiran. Akka kanaan dargaggoonni Onoota kiiramuu fi Hamuruu Ebla 12, 2014 bakka migiroo jedhamutti walitti dhufuun sammichi lafaa fi qabeenyaa uummata keenya irraa dhaabbachuu qaba! Humna waraanaa fi poolisaan ukkanfamnee eegamaa jiraachuun haa gahu! Sakkata'insi seeraan alaa gaggeeffamu uummata keenya irraa dhaabbachuu qaba! jechuun mormii qaban dhageessisan. Sochii dargaggoota kana dhaabsisuuf poolisootni itti bobbaafaman iyyuu dargaggotnii fi ummatni finciluun of irraa deebisuun gabaafameera.Kana malees guutummaa godinichaa keessatti hojjetootni mootummaa buusii maqaa hidha laga abbaayyaan irraa sassabamaa jiru hin kaffallu jechuun jibbinsaa fi diddaa sirna Wayyaanee irraa qaban ifatti argisiisa jiru.
  3. Gama biraan Ebla 14/2014 Godina Wallagga Bahaa Ona Hebantuutti FGD dargaggoota fi uummata Oromoo Onichaan eegalee jabaatee itti fufuun lukkeelee Wayyaanee maqaa misoomaa, daandii, humna ibsaa, bishan, mana yaalaa, fi kkfn qarshii miliyoonaa tahu ummata irraa sassaabuun tajaajila dhuunfaa irra oolfatuu saaxiluun akka seeraaf dhihaatan gaafatan. Kana malees buusii maqaa hidhaa laga Abbayyaan marroo hedduu itti deddeebi'amu mormuun hin baasnu jechuun diduun finciluu gabaasi dargaggoo naannoo irraa argame hubachiise. Dargaggoonnii fi ummatni fincila kana geggeessan yeroo yerootti maallaqni irraa sassabuu malee jijjirama homaatuu akka hin argiin hubachiisuun guddinnii fi misoomni mala ittiin ummata saamanii fi deegsan tahuu beeksisanii jiran. Fincila ummataa kanaan kan rifate mootummaan farra ummata Oromoo kabinee isaa keessaa namoota 3 fi prezidantii yunivarsiti Haro Maayaa akka ummata tasgabbeessaniif itti bobbaasuun ibsamee jra. Ummatni Onichaas ergamtoota kanaan garaa ittiin nyaattan malee sammuu ittiin yaaddan hin qabdan jechuun qaanessee of irraa deebisee jira.


WBOn Kibba Oromiyaa Ona Moyyaalee Gandoota Ardaa Dugda Dheeraa fi Tuqaa Keessatti lola baneen Loltuu fi Poolisoota Wayyaanee Haleele

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/ Ebla 13, 2014)

WBOn Ebla10, 2014 Onaa Moyyalee ganda Tuqaa, Ardaa Dugda Dheera jedhamuutti tarkaanfii poolisota federalaa Wayyaanee fi hidhattota ganda irratti fudhateen tokko ajjeesee lama madeessuu ajaji Zoonii Kibbaa ibsa waraanaa baaseen beeksise. Humni diinaa haleelame WBO dura dhaabbatuu waan hin danda'iiniif gara gandoota Tuqaa Diimaa fi Maddootti baqatuuf dirqamuu kan hubachiise ibsi kun, waraanni Waayyanee tarkaanfii fudhatameen jeeqamuu irraa danga Keeniyaa cabsee seenun ganda Tessoo jedhamu keessaa namoota 3 deggertoota ABO-tti jechuun qabuu addeessee jira. Lammiilee Keenyaa humna diinaan qabamanis: Abduuba Agaa, Saafiya Yaree(xiqqoo), Shamaa Galgaloo ti. Qabamuu lammiilee Keenyaan wal dhabbiin Wayyaanee fi humna ittisaq Keenyaa gidduutti uumamee lola taheen waraana Wayyaanee keessaa lama madaa'anii wal dhaansaaf hospitaala Fuulleessaatti geeffamuu ibsi ajaja WBO Zoonii Kibbaa irraa bahe dabalee hubachiisa.


WBOn Zoonii Kibbaa Waraana Wayyaanee Irratti Tarkaanfii Fudhate

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/ Ebla 11, 2014)

WnBO Zoonii Kibbaa Godinaa Booranaa keessa sosso'u tarkaanfii haleellaa fudhateen loltoota diinaa 2 ajjeesee 3 madeessuu ajajni WBO ZK hubachiise. Humni diinaa raadaara/meeshaa xiyyaara to'atu/ eegu kun Ebla 9, 2014 barii sa'aa 3:30-tti magaalaa Moyyaalee ganda Arbalee jedhamee beekamu keessatti rukutamuu ibsi ajaja WBO Godinaa Kibbaa hubachiisa.

Diinni rukuttaa WBO irra gaheen aare akkuma aadaa isaa ummata fayyaaleyyii WBO nutti fiddan jechuun hidhaa fi irratti roorrisaa kan jiru tahuu kan beeksise ibsi ajaja WBO, Obbo Duub Dullachaa fi Sisaay Okkolaa kanneen araddaa Arbalee keessaa hidhamuu beeksisee jira. Kana malees ummata gandeen Arbalee fi Boolee keessaa jiratan maqaa gamgamaan akka hin qotannee fi loon hin bobbaafne gochuun rakkisaa akka jiru ibsi bahe kun dabalee hubachiisa.


WBOn Godina Wallagga Bahatti Tarkaanfii fudhate

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/ Ebla 10, 2014)

Gootichi humni addaa WBO humnota basaasaa wayyaanee qorannoo sochii humna addaa WBOf bobbafaman irratti tarkaanfii haleellaa Ebla 4, 2014 Onaa Guutoo Giddaa fi Saasiggaa gidduu bakka Hangar jedhamutti fudhateen 2 irraa ajjeesee 2 madeessuu ajaji WBO Godinaa Baha Wallaggaa hubachiise. Ibsi ajaja WBO irraa bahe kun tarkaanfii fudhatameen kanneen ajjeefaman: 1.Mogosee Bayyanee fi Geetachoo Siyyuma oggaa tahan, Kaasahun Aschaloo fi Zamadee Dessalenyi kan jedhaman ammoo kanneen madaa'an tahuu beeksisa.

Kana malees humni addaa WBO Ona Giddaa bakka Tulluu Siree jedhamutti lukkeelee diinatti karaa argisiisuun humna Addaa WBO adamsiisuu fi maatii sabboontotaa diinatti gabaasuun rakkoo uumaa turan sabboontota waliin tahuun gorsaa fi dinniina isa maayyii kennuufii gabaasee jira.


Baqataa Seerawaa Miidhuun Tarkaanfii Namoomaan Alaa fi Seera Addunyaa jiru Dhiitu dha

Haala Baqattoota Oromoo Biyya Keeniyaa Laalchisee Ibsa Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo

Ebla 7, 2014

Lammiileen biyyoota gara garaa sababoota adda addaan biyya isaanii keessa jiraachuu dadhabu irra abdii of jireessuun biyyoota ollaatti baqatan. Sababni ittiin baqatan gariin kan yeroo gabaabaa keessatti furmaata argatu tahuu danda'a. Rakkinni yeroo gabaabaa keessatti hin furamne yeroo dheeraa fi jijjiirama hundee barbaadus jira. Sababa umamaan rakkooleen dhalatan kan akka hongee, lolaa, kirkira lafaa fi kkf akkasumas, rakkoolee namootni dhalchan kan akka lola biyya keessaa, rakkina dinagdee fi rakkoon siyaasaa sababoota madda baqatummaa ti. Sababoota lammii biyya tokkoo biyya ollaatti baqachiisan keessaa garii wayta furamanitti kanneen qe'ee fi biyya isaanii irraa buqqa'an jireenya isaaniitti deebi'uu irraa rakkoon hin qaban. Kan biyyatti deebi'uu hin dandeenye kanneen mootummaa fi sirna jiru waliin wal dhabbii qabani dha. Ilmaan Oromoo baqa kana biyyii weeraraan qababuun booda Jaarraa tokkoon dura lubbuu baafatuu fi kabajaa namooma isaanii tikfatuuf jalqaban

--Full Text - Afaan Oromoo
--Full Text - English

Haala Yeroo Ilaalchisee Ibsa Sochii Dargaggoota Biyyoolessaa Irraa kenname

(Qeerroo Bilisummaa)

Ebla 5, 2014 Jimmaa

Bakka bu'oonni Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo godinoota adda addaa irraa walitti dhufuun Ebla 1 fi Ebla 2,2014 walgahii guyyaa lamaaf gaggeefatan irratti haala yeroo uummata Oromoo fi Qabsoo FDG bilisummaa Oromoo daran jabeessuu fi haala waliigala raafama siyaasa Impayeera biyyattii irratti marii bal'a gochuun ibsa armaan gadii dabarsee jira.

--Raapoorti guutuu

Humni addaa WBO tarkaanfii haleellaa humna Wayyaanee irratti fudhate.

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/ Ebla 1, 2014)

Gaachannii fi abdiin Ummata Oromoo WBO, Godinaa Baha Wallaggaa, Ona Giddaa bakka Ejeree jedhamtutti tarkaanfii haleellaa diina irratti fudhate. Tarkaanfii bitootessa 18, 2014 fudhatame kanaanis humna diinaa irraa loltootn 8 ajjeefamuu ibsi ajaja Godinaa Baha Wallaggaa irraa bahe addeesse. Kanneen ajjeefaman keessattis:
1.Asfaaw Baqqalaa (itti gaafatamaa dhimma nageenyaa)
2.Badhaasaa Baqqalaa
3.Tesfaayee Jiruu(miseensa poolisaa)
4.Asaffaa G/Giyoorgis(miseensa humna tikaa Finfinnee irraa ergame)
5.Mulugeetaa Alem-segged (miseensa humna tikaa Finfinnee irraa ergame)
kan keessatti argaman tahuu ibsi kun hubachiisee jira.
Humni diinaa humna addaa WBOn haleelame kunis tarkaanfii WBOn irratti fudhate dhoksuuf jecha shiiftaan akka isa rukutetti himatuu fi reeffa isaa ummata irraa dhoksuuf halkaniin fe'atee baqatuun ibsamee jira.


Dhiiga Ummataa Dhangalaasaa Jiraachuun Amala Bittoota Itophiyaa ti

Ibsa Adda Bilisumma Oromoo

Bitootessa 31, 2014

Oromiaa fi ummatni Oromoo bittoota Itophiyaan nagaa dhorkatamuun dhaloota sadii oliif lola, jeequmsa, hiyyummaa fi wallaalummaa keessa jiraate. Impaayera humnaan ijaaramte kana keessatti hanga ammaattis nagaa hin argatne. Bittootni Itophiyaa jalqabaa hanga har'atti mul'atan impaayera humnaan ijaarratan kana humna qawwee, sirna ukkaamsaa fi ummatoota walitti buusuun tikfataa yoonaan gahuu seenaa bittoota Itophiyaa irraa dubbifama. Keessattuu handhuura siyaasaa impaayera Itophiyaa kan tahe Oromiyaa fi ummatni Oromoo impaayera kana jireessuuf gatiin baasifamee fi baasaa jiru kan ummata kamuu caalaa suukanneessaa fi hadhaawaa dha.

Impaayer ijaaruu keessatti ummatni Oromoo mirga isaaf falmatuu irraa jumulaan ajjeefameera. Harki goototaa ciramee, harmi haadholii murameera. Lafa isaa irraa buqqaasuun nafxanyootaaf qoodameera. Kun hundi irratti raawwatamee iyyuu nagaa hin arganne. Akka deebi'ee mirga isaa hin gaafatanneef olloota isaa hunda diina irratti taasisuun akka Oromoo diineffatan, sodaatanii fi shakkan gochuun bittaa impaayerummaa lubbuu dheeressan. Waan taheef gabrummaa jala jiraatuuf illee wareega lubbuu fi qabeenyaa baasuu gaafatame.

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Kibba Afriikaa Keessatti Hiriirro Mormii Guddaan Hawaasa Oromoo fi Ogaadeniin Gaggeefame

Bitootessa 21, 2014

NGaafa Bitootessa 18,2014 ummanni Oromoo fi Ogaadeen kibba Afriikaa jiraatan walgahii mootummoonni Afriikaa 54 guyyaa hundeeffama Pan-African Prliament kabajachuuf torbaan lamaaf Afirikaa kibbaa magaalaa Johannesburg bakka Midrand jedhamutti yeroo gaggeefatan hawaasi Oromoo fi Ogaadeen tokkummaan ta'uun miidhaa mootummaan Wayyaanee fi abbaa irree EPRDF uumattoota Ithiopia irraan gahaa jiru balaaleffachuun sagalee mormii jabaa dhageessisuun gabaafame.

Haala kanaan manni dhaabbataan African Parliament jedhamu salgalee mormii uumanni dhageessise kana dhagahuun waan barbaachisu maraan gaaffiin cunqurfamtootaa akka dhagahamu akka taasisaniif gaaffiin dhihaatee jira.

Walgahii Pan Africa kana irratti mootummaa Ethiopia bakka bu'ee kan argamu muummicha ministeera H/Mariyam Dassalenyii fi ministeera haajaa alaa akkasumas nama biro tokko ture. Haala kanaan H/Mariyam Dassaleny walgahii kana irratti kan argamuuf ture guutummaatti haquun walgahii kana irraa osoo hin hirmaatiin hanqachuu gabaasi achi irraa nu gahe addeessa.

Walgahii Hawaasa Oromoo Harstad (kaaba Norway) (Human right violations in Ethiopia especially on Oromo people) -- 5 Videos
Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/ Bitootessa 11,2014)

Humni addaa WBO tarkaanfii Baha Wallaggaatti fudhateen diina irraan miidhaa dhaqqabsiise

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/ Bitootessa 10, 2014)

Bitootessa 3, 2014 gootichi humni addaa WBO Godina Wallagga Bahaa keessa socho'u loltoota Wayyaanee sakkatta'insaaf bobba'an haleelee 3 ajjeesuu hoggansi humna addaa WBO godinaa kanaa gabaase. Tarkaanfii haleellaa Baha Wallaggaa Ona Diiggaa Saasiggaa bakka Guttoo jedhamu magaalaa naqamtee irraa fageenya km 24 irratti argamutti fudhatame kanaan loltootni Wayyaanee,
1. Loltuu Kiroos Belay
2. Loltuu Fallaqee Xilaahuun
3. Siyyum Aksum ajjeefamuu ibsi ajaji WBO Godinichaa irraa baafame hubachiisa.

Humni addaa WBO kana malees tarkaanfii diina irratti fudhatu itti fufuun humna poolisa Wayyaanee magaalaa Giddaa keessa qubatee jiru irratti tarkaanfii fudhateen kudha tokko(11) madeessuu beeksise. Tarkaanfii Bitootessa 5, 2014 Baha Wallaggaa magaalaa Giddaatti fudhatame kanaan, ajajaan humna poolisaa Daani'eel Asaffaa jedhamu kanneen madaa'an keessatti kan argamu tahuu ibsi ajaja WBO Godinaa Wallagga Bahaa hubachiisee jira. Kana malees hojjataa baankii nagadaa Itophiyaa tokko kan Wayyaaneef akka basaasaatti hojjatu Gammachis Qajeelaa jedhamu madaa'uu ibsi WBO irraa bahe dabalee hubachiisa. Tarkaanfii humna adda WBO fudhate kanaan kan dhiphate sirni Wayyaanee akkuma amala isaa sakattaa'insa gandeenii fi makiinota irratti adeemsisu jabeessee itti fufuu ibsi WBO irraa bahe addeessee jira.


Ibsa Ejjannoo Walgahii Addaa TBOJ

Bitootessa 03, 2014

Nuti miseensonni Tokkummaa Barattoota Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii (TBOJ) walgahii addaa kan gafa Bitooteessaa 02, bara 2014 magalaa Nürbergittii adeemsifanne irratti dhimmoota wa'ee haala ijjaarsa keenyaa fi kan Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoon har'aa keessaa jiruu ilaallattan irratti maree bal'oo taasisuun murtee addaa addaa dabarsuun xummuurratneerra. Walgahii kanaa irratti baruumsaa fi haala yeroo ilaalchissee Miseensii Gumii Sabaa ABO J/Dr. Shigut Galata dhaaba ABO bakka bu'un nu giddutti argamuun ibsa bal'aan nu keennamee jira. Haala amma TBOJ Keessaa jiruu ilaalchissee karaa Dura ta'aa fi Barreessaa Damee Würzburg fi nannoon J/Gamachuu Fayyisaa fi J/Obsa Adam wal duraa duubaan ibsaa kennameera.

--Raapoortii Guutuu

Gootichi Humni Addaa WBO Godina Dhihaa Oromiyaa tarkaanfii fudhate

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/Guraandhala 26, 2014)

Guraandhala 24/2014 Gootichi humni addaa WBO Godina Dhihaa Oromiyaa tarkaanfii haleellaa ergamtoota fi basaasa wayyaanee irratti fudhatuu jabeessuun itti fufe.

Gootichi humni addaa WBO wayita fincilli didda gabrummaa qabsiifama jiru kanatti ergamtoota fi basaastota diinaa irratti tarkaanfii haleella jabeessuun uummata isaa irra rorriftuu ittisuun ga'ee isaa waan ta'eef godina bahaa wallaggaa Onaa Diggaa Saasiggaa bakka ukkee jedhamutti ergamtoota wayyaanee uummata basaasuuf bobbafaman lama irratti tarkaanfii fudhateen dhabamsiisee jira. ergamtootni diinaa kun kan maqaan isanii 1,Biraanee G/Masqel jedhamuu fi 2. Mitikkuu Geetachoow kanneen jedhaman irraatti tarkaanffii mayyii fudhachuun du'aan adabee jirachuun gabaafamera. mootummaan wayyaanee tarkaanfii kanatti rifachuun poolisota nannoo kanatti argamaan ija shakkiin ilaaluun maal tarkaanfiin kun isinuma gidduudha nurratti fudhatame moo jechuun meeshaa poolisootatti hiitee jirtuu fi olmaa poolisotaa irratti sakkata'insa cimaa gochaa jiraachuun gabaafamera. Gootichi humni addaa WBO tarkaanfiin ergamtoota, basaastota fi waraana wayyaanee uummata gooluu barbaduu irratti fudhannu yoom iyyuu caala jabeesinee itti fufna. uummaanni keenya FDG jabeessuun bakka hundatti itti fufu qaba jechuun dhammatan.


Gootichi Humni Addaa WBO diina irratti tarkaanfii fudhate

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/Guraandhala 4, 2014)

Humni addaa WBO Godinaa Wallagga Bahaa keessa sosso'u tarkaanfii diina irratti yeroo irraa gara yerootti fudhatuun abdii fi gaachana ummata Oromoo tahuu isaa caalaatti mirkaneessee jira. Diina ummata irratti roorrisu adabuu kan itti fufe humni addaa WBO Amajjiii 31, 2013 Godina Wallagga Bahaa Ona Guutoo Giddaa bakka Maqa-laalii jedhamutti loltota Wayyaanee sakkattaaf bobba'an haleeluun loltoota 4 irraa ajjeesee 7 ol madeesse.

Loltoota Wayyaanee keessaa: 1. Zallaqee Taaddalaa, 2. Gannatii Mashashaa, 3. Baqqalee Xilaahuun, 4. Zabbanee Ababee kanneen ajjeefaman tahuu kan hubachiise ajaji humna addaa WBO Godinaa Wallagga Bahaa, 1. Abiree Faasil, 6.Mokonnoon Atsibaa, 7.Fiqireesillaase Mangistuu, kanneen jedhaman kanneen haalaan madaa'an keessaa tahuu ibsa baaseen dabalee beeksisee jira.


Korri Miseensota ABO Irroomsa Gadaa Oromoo fi Torban Dachee Akka Kambajamu Ejjennoo Dabarse

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/ Guuraandhala 3,2014)

Guyyaan Waraana Bilisummaa Oromoo(WBO) gaafa Sanbataa Amajjii 25, 2014 magaalaa guddoo Ameerikaa, Washington, DCtti sirna ho'aan kabajame. Kabaji guyyaa WBO kun akka aadaa Oromootti eebba maanguddootaan kan eegalamee yoo ta'u, eebba kanatti aansuudhaan faaruun alaabaa Oromoo faarfameera. Itti aansuudhan sagantaaleen yaadannoo guyyaa kanaa waliin wal-qabataan barsiisoo fi hamileessoon walduraa duubaan qindessitoota Koynaa ABO Washington DC fi keessumoota kabajaa guyyaa kanaan dhiyaatanii jiru.

--Raapoortii Guutuu

Ayyaanni WBO Magaalaa Perth keessatti Kabajame milkii fi injifannoon xumuramee

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/ Guraandhala 02, 2014)

MOA, Perth;- Ayyaanni WBO Amajjii 26/2014 magaalaa guddittii "West Australia" kan taate "Perth" ti sirna hoo'aa fi miidhagaan ayyaaneffatame. Sirni ayyaana kanaa akkuma aadeeffatametti eebba manguddotaa fi Faaruu Alaabaa Oromoon eegale. Itti aansuun Konyaa ABO Perth bakka bu'uun hirmaattotaan bagan nagaan dhuftanii fi galata kan galchan Jaal Gammachuu Dambalii ti. Jaal Gammachuun keessummoota hirmaattotaan erga wal barsiisaniin booda, akeeka qophichaa fi sagantaalee jiran beeksisuun MGS fi MBBA - ABO Ob. Gaashuu Lammeessaa fi gaafatamaa Jaarmayaa fi Siyaasaa kutaa ABO Australia Jaal Gammachuu Fayyeeraa gara waltajjiitti afeeran.

--Raapoortii Guutuu

Korri Miseensota ABO Irroomsa Gadaa Oromoo fi Torban Dachee Akka Kambajamu Ejjennoo Dabarse

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/ Amajjii 30,2014)

Ayyanni kun gaafa Amajjii 25, 2014 biyya UK, magaalaa London keessatti kabajame ayyana kana irratti kan hirmaata miseensota ABO, deggartootaa fi hawaasa Oromoo biyya UK magala adda adda irraa heddumminaan dhufan ture.

Kabajaan ayyana kanaa kan eegale manguddoo fi ibsa gabaabaa I/G ABO kutaa UK, Obbo barsiisaa Guutamaa kennanii ture. Itti annasee, Obbo Xahaa Abdii, MGS ABO, seenaa guyyaa WBO bal'inaan ibsaniiru. Itti annansee miseensotni WBO kabajamoon- J/ Lalisee Roobaa, J/Obsaa Milkeessaa fi J/ Fayisaa (Mul'is) wal duraa duubaan muuxannoo WBO fi aarsaa qabsoon hidhannoo feessisu dhiheessuu dhan dargaggoo fi shammarran hamileessanii jiru.

--Raapoortii Guutuu

Gootichi Humni addaa WBO tarkaanfii haleella loltoota Wayyaanee irratti fudhate

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/Amajjii 30, 2014)

Gootichi humni addaa WBO Godina Dhihaa keessa socho'u duula sakkatta'insa Wayyaaneen yeroo irra gara yerootti irratti gaggessa jiru of irra deebisuun injifannoo boonsaa galmeessu jabeessuun loltoota Wayyaanee gammoojjii Wallaggaa Bahaa keessatti haleele.

Gootichi humni addaa WBO Amajjii 20, 2014 Wallagga Bahaa Onaa Heebantuu bakka Axaballaa jedhamutti loltoota Wayyaanee irratti tarkaanfii haleellaa fudhateen loltoota Wayyaanee keessaa 1 ajjeesee 4 madeessuu ajajni human addaa WBO gabaasee jira. Loltoota Wayyaanee keessaa Fallaqe Mollaa oggaa ajjeefamu, Haylee Belaay, Ahmad Abbaa Goojjam, Fiqree Tesfaahuun ammo kanneen madaa'an tahuu ajaji godinichaa dabalataan hubachise.

Tarkaanfiin kun kan fudhatame loltootni Wayyaanee bosona Axaballaatti argamu ibidda itti qabsiisuun wayta gubaa turanitti tahuu kan hubachiise ajajni WBO bakki lolaa kun daandii konkolaataa irraa fagoo tahuu irraa waraanni Wayyaanee dhiphuu guddaa keessa seene uummataa ganda Safaraa jedhamu karaa dura ta'aa gandichaa humnuman madoo isaa baachisuun gara daandii konkolataatti gursisuun gabaafamera.


Korri Miseensota ABO Irroomsa Gadaa Oromoo fi Torban Dachee Akka Kambajamu Ejjennoo Dabarse

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/ Amajjii 17,2014)

Miseensoti ABO kutaa Australia kora waggaa miseensotaa fi hawaasa Victoria magaalaa Melbourne keessatti gaggeeffatan milkiin xumuran; ibsa ejjannoo murtiilee isaanii beeksisa illee baafatan.

Kora miseensota ABO kutaa Australia Amajjii 10, 2014 waaree booda eegalame irratti akka ibsametti akeekni korichaa hojii jaarmiyaa kan waggaa darbee gamaggamuun kan bara dhufuf immoo karoora baafachuu dha. Baniinsa Koraa kana irratti akka ibsametti ,miseensoti ABO konyaalee Perth, Adelaide fi Victoria irraa afeeraman argaman akka walbaran kan godhame yoo ta'u, miseensoti haaromsa fudhatanis waadaa haaromsaa seenuun jaarmiyaatti dabalamanii jiru.

--Dhaamsa Guutuu

Konkolaataan Oomisha biiraa Baddallee raabsu barbadeeffame

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/Amajjii 4, 2014)

Amajjii 03,2014 Konkolaataan Oomisha biiraa Baddallee raabsu barbadeeffame Diddaan sirna nafxanyummaa irratti gaggeessamuu jabaachaa dhufuun konkolaataa Oomisha biiraa Baddallee guutuu fe'e magaala Finfinnee kutaa magaala Qaallittii keessatti biiraa waliin barbadeeffamee jira. Konkolaataan fe'umsa Oomisha Biiraa Baddallee Lakkoofsa gabatee 04379 tahe biiraa fe'ee jiru waliin guutummaan barbadaa'e Birrii miliyoona 2.1 ol tahuun tilmaamama. Biiraan Baddallee Wallisaa Teediroos Kaasahuun qabachuun sirna Nafxanyaa Minilik faarsisuuf sponsor gochuu irraa tarkaanfiin kun fudhatame. Uummatni Oromoo kutaa magaala kanaa tarkaanfii fudhatametti gammaduun gammachuu isa haalaan ibsachaa jira. Mootummaan wayyaanee fi jala deemtotni abbaa irree Wayyaanee qabsoo murannoon fuula dura tarkaanfataa jirutti baaraguun WBO magaalaa seene jechuun sakatta'insa bal'aa gaggeessuun uummata dararuu irratti argamu.


Waggaa Haaraa ilaalchisuun dhaamsa ABO

Amajjii 01, 2014

Miseensota ABO QBO keessatti qooda lammummaa gumaachaa jirtan;
Waraana Bilisummaa Oromoo tarree duraa hiriiruun wareega ulfaataa baasaa jirtu;
Dargaggootaa Oromoo, sirnaa fi diina farra Oromoo irratti finciluun mirga ummata keessaniinffi falmaa jirtan;
Ummata Oromoo, sirna gabrummaa umurii gabaabsuuf qbsoo haqaa gochaa jirtu;
Akkasumas firoottan QBO

Baga waggaa haaraa geessan jechaa, waggaan haaraa 2014 bara ummatni Oromoo bittaa abbaa irrummaa irra aanee bilisummaa isaa fi walabummaa biyyaa itti gonfatu akka tahuuf ABOn hawwaaf. Barri haaraa bara diinni ummatoota cunqurfamoo irratti roorrisaa jiru itti jilbeenfachiisamu, hawwii fi fedhiin ummatootaa itti guutamu akka tahuuf hawwii isaa dabarsa.

--Dhaamsa Guutuu


Mudde 27, 2013

Ummata Oromoo Afrikaa Kibbaatti argamtan maraaf, KABAJA GUYYAA WBO Gaafa 12/01/2014 sirna miidhagaan waan kabajnuuf guyyaa kana Galma:
Johannesburg, Mayfair Cultural Centre
177 8th Avenue Shoprite
fuulduratti akka nuuf argamtan kabajaan waamicha Oromummaa isiniif Dabarsina.

WBOn Abdii Ummata Oromoo fi Gaachana Oromiyaati!!!

Yeroon: 1:00pm

Odeeffannoo Dabalataaf:

078 748 1318/073 089 9410/072 798 5559.

Koree Qopheessituu.

"Oromo Show At Federation Square" Biyya Australia Magaalaa Melbourne Itti Sirna Howwaan Kabajame













(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/Mudde 23,2013)

Muddee 23,bara 2013 Australia handhuura Magaalaa Melbourne keessatti agarsiisi aadaa Oromoo fi eenyummaa Oromoo akkasumas biyya qabaachuu Oromootaa fi biyyi isaanii Oromiyaa tahuu kan muldhisu agarsiisi guddaan waldaa hawaasa Oromoon qophawee agarsiifame.

Waldaan hawaasa Oromoo Australia baroota darbaniif qophii kana kabajee eenyummaa Oromoo fi biyya Oromiyaa beeksisaa tureera.Bara kana keessas itti fufa isaan bifa adda taheen Oromoonni kumaatamaan irratti argamuun akka kabajatanii fi aadaa fi seenaa isaanii akkasumas jaalala biyya isaaniif qaban muldhifatan taasisee jira.

Agarsiisa kana irratti walliftooti Oromoo jajjaboon kanneen akka Adde Ilmfinesh Qannoo,Kumala Aduunyaa,Abdii fi Tasfaye Dhimmaa irratti argamanii jiru. Agarsiisa kanaan duratti alaabaan Oromoo handhuura magaalaa Melbourne keessatti guyyaa gaafa Muddee 22-23, 2013 tti balali'a ture,do'atootii fi ummanni jiraataan magaalicha keessa darbu miidhagina alaabaa kanaa fi eenyummaa Oromoo baruuf suuraa fi video yeroo kaafataa turanitti akkasuma Oromootatti siqanii eenyuummaa fi qabiyyee alaabaa Oromoo gaafataa ykn qorataa akka turan beekamee jira.


Sabboontoti Oromoo Puntland Magaalaa Qarawwee Jiran Alaabaa Habshaa Lagatan

Qarawwee, Puntland, Somalia

Mudde 23, 2013

Biyya Puntulan magaalaa Qarawwee keessatti ayyaanni baqattootaa dhaabbata IOM jedhamuun ni kabajama sababaa jedhuun baqattoota Oromoo fi saboota kaan walitti biyyatti isin galchinee lafa isinii kennina, ammatti garuu jireenya baqattummaan jiraattan irraa doolaara 10 kafaluu qabdu haala isinii aanjeessine sababaa jedhuun baqattoota walitti qabuun alaabaa Ethiopia/Habashaa baqattoota Oromootti raabsuun qabatanii ayyaanicha irratti akka argamanii fi akka miidhagsan akeekan illee baqattooti Oromoo ni lagatan.

Sabboonaan Oromoo maqaan Hassan Hussen Mahamad jedhamuu fi murmuriin 22 kan ta'e dhalootaan Baalee Gindir, alaabaa Habshaa uffachuun eenyummaa Oromoo fi sabboonummaa Oromoo doomsuu ta'uu hubatee alaabaa dirqiin itti kenname kana gube. Haala kanaan qondaalotii fi ergamtooti Wayyaanee IOM keessa jiran sabboonaa Oromoo kana hordofsiisuun akka qabamee hidhamuu fi bakka hin beekamnetti geeffamu taasisan. Gabaasaa naannicha irraa nu dhaqabe akka addeessutti,jireenya baqattummaa fi waraqaa baqattumaa kan UNHCR lakko 2562 case 615-13 qabu kun seeraan ala qabamee hidhamuun mirga baqattootaa sarbuu ta'uu kanneen hafan iyyachaa akka jiran addeessa.


Humni addaa WBO Baha Oromiyaatti tarkaanfii fudhate

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/Muddee 17, 2013)

Muddee 2,.2013 Harargee Dhihaa naannoo Mi'eeysoo Karaa Finfinnee - Harar deemurratti bakka Hiddaa jedhamtti murna hawwisoo qophii ayyaana Wayyaanee kan Jijjigaa irratti argamuuf otobisaan sosso'aa ture dhaabuun qabeenyaa fi mihoota isaanii kan gara garaa erga irraa dhunfataniin booda barsiisuun gadi dhiisan. Tarkaanfiin kunis murna dargaggoota Oromoo Dhaabaan gurmeeyfamaniin fudhatame.

Guyyuma kana Muddee 2, 2013 Harargee Dhihaa ona Doobbaa bakka Sareer jedhamutti humni addaa WBO lukkee diinaa tokko dhunfatuun hidhannoo harkaa qabu kilaash irraa hiikkachiisee gorsuun gadhiise.

Gama biraan humni addaa WBO Harargee Dhihaa keessa sosso'u Muddee 3, 2013 naannoo Biyyoo karaabaa Araddaa Dirree Bal'oo bakka Daara-Shuunaa jedhamutti tarkaanfii fudhateen ajajaa humna poolisaa tahuun gocha farrummaa ummata irrattii raaw'ataa ture Umar Usmaan kan jedhamu madeysuun hidhannoo isaa shiguxii tokko irraa hiikkate. Kana malees Muddee 4, 2013 Ona Afdam bakka Gulubee jedhamutti humni addaa WBO tarkaanfii humna diinaa irratti fudhateen diina irraa 5 ajjeesee 8 madeeysuu ajaji WBO Godinaa Dhiha Harargee ibsa baaseen hubachiisee jira.


Yeroon Yeroo Itti Ummanni Oromoo Caalaatti Hidhatee Of Ittisu Malee Yeroo Itti Diinaan Hiikkachiifamuu Qabu Miti

Info Deski ABO

Muddee 11, 2013

Mootummaan Wayyaanee ummata Oromoo addatti diina innikkaa godhatee itti duuluudhaan sirnoota impaayerattii dabran hunda irra hamaa akka tahe wal nama hin gaafachiisu. Karaa danda'ameef maraan ummata kana addatti salphisuu fi dadhabsiisuu irratti hojjechaa jira. Wayyaaneen dantaa gurguddaa lamaaf jecha dugda ummata Oromoo irraa bu'uu dida. Inni duraa dantaa dinagdee ti. Qabeenyaa Oromiyaa saamee ittiin of irroomsee umrii bittaa isaa dheereffata, biyya isaa egerees ittiin ijaarrata. Inni lammaffaa dantaa siyaasaa ti. Sirna dimokraasii dharaa ittiin addunyaa gowwoomsu keessatti sagalee ummata wayyaba kanaa doorsisaan saammatee akka deeggarsa ummata irra guddeessaa qabutti of labsa. Paarlaamaa kijibaa Wayyaanee keessatti miseensummaa IHADEGiin barcuma irra guddaa kan qabatee yeroo hunda sirnicha balaa irraa oolchee jiraachisaa jiru dabballoota OPDO kan dorgooomaa paartii Oromoo jabaa tokkoon maleetti kophaa isaanii sagalee ummata Oromoo saaman tahuun ifaa dha.

--Full Statement--Afaan Oromo
--Full Statement--Amharic

WBOn Oromiyaa Bakkoota Adda Addaa Keessatti Loltootaa fi Ergamtoota Wayyaanee Irratti Injifannoo Goonfate!

(Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/Muddee 10, 2013)

WBOn Baha Oromiyaa keessa sosso'u humna diinaa haleelee loltoota 2 irraa ajjeesuun 3 madeesse. Tarkaanfii kun Sadaasa 17, 2013 Dhiha Harargee Ona Mi'eessoo bakka Baddanaa jedhamutti fudhatamuu ajaji WBO Godinaa Dhiha Hararge ibsa baase keessatti hubachiise.

Kana malees humni addaa WBO Sadaasa 20, 2013 humna diinaa sakattaaf bobba'e Dhiha Hararge Ona Bookee naannoo Daakataa bakka Leenca jedhamutti rukutee 4 irraa ajjeesuun 7 madeessuu ajajni WBO dabalee hubachiise.

Humni diinaa bakkaa bakkatti WBOn rukutamaa jiru kun kasaaraa irra gahaa jiruun aaree akka aadaa isaa ummata irratti haaloo bahuuf hiraarsuu irratti bobba'u ibsi ajaja WBO godinichaa dabalee beeksisee jira.

-- Guutu isaa


Dhaala Hookkaraa: Seera Farra-Gooltummaa Mormitoota Siyaasaa irratti Fayyadamuun Mootummaa Goolessituu Wayyaanee Dhaabbachuu Qaba

Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo

Muddee 1, 2013

Qaamni qorannoo fi odeessaa Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo (ABO) hidhamtoota siyaasaa murtiinis tahee murtii malee hidhaman irratti ragaa dhiheessuuf qorannoo geggeessee jira. Akka kanaanis, ragaan tarree hidhamtoota siyaasaa hangi tokko manneen hidhaa Qaalittii, Xoorhayilooch, Ma'ikalaawii fi Qilinxoo irraa funaaname kanaa gaditti tarrifamee jira. Guutummaatti haala jechuu danda'amuun, hidhamtoonni kun kan himataman gochaa goolii, tokkummaa biyyaa yaaddessuu, mootummaa heerawaa hookkaraan fonqolchuuf yaaluu fi miseensummaa dhaabota akka ABO fi kan birootti shakkamuu faa. Hidhamtoonni siyaasaa kun umriidhaan barattoota sadarkaa lammaffaa fi yuniversiitii irraa hanga geggeessitoota hawaasa siiviilii hangafaatti kan jiranii dha. Ogummaadhaanis, qotataa, daldalaa, hojjetaa mootummaa; hogganoota siyaasaa, gaazexessitoota fi kkf. Irra hedduun isaanii Oromoo yoo tahan, dhalattoonni sabaa fi sablammoota Itoophiyaa biroonis baay'ee dha.

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